Single Embossed Dimple Plate

Single Embossed Dimple Plate

Single Embossed Dimple Plate profiled on one side used in multiple ways in different industries. Process Engineers And Associates is one of the stable Single Embossed Dimple Plate Manufacturers in Delhi. Our offered Stainless Steel Dimple Plate is accessible in multiple sizes, finishes, grades and configurations to cater to a broader market. Being devoted to customer satisfaction, we follow industry norms and meet defined needs.

Salient Characteristics Of Our Single Embossed Dimple Plates:

  • Thin sheet and ensure better durability and reliability.
  • Easy to use and clean and have low maintenance needs.
  • Ensure heat and radiation protection all over the surface.
  • Flexible to freely programmable CNC laser welding system.
  • Have a high heat transfer coefficient with a low-pressure drop.

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