Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger

Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger

Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger combines the best features and is fully welded plate pack inserted into the shell, which further distributes the stress and eliminates the need for gaskets. Process Engineers And Associates – one of the leading Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturers in Delhi has the best products manufactured at the in-house facility available to meet your varied demands. These are suitable for different environments and come with features, which make them one of a kind and give user’s great benefits.

Benefits Of Shell And Plate Heat Exchangers:

  • These are less expensive to use than plate type designs
  • The pressure drop across a tube cooler is lesser
  • Tube leaks of it are easily located and plugged
  • Make pressure test comparatively easy and reliable
  • Industrial Shell And Plate Heat Exchanger is best to be used in different operating temperatures and pressures

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