BPHE Heat Exchanger

BPHE Heat Exchanger

BPHE stands for Brazed Plates Heat Exchangers known for refrigeration and transferring heat more efficiently from one medium to another. It saves space and energy and is very reliable to invest in. Want to buy? Contact Process Engineers And Associates – one of the preeminent BPHE Heat Exchanger Manufacturers in Delhi. These are cost-effective and efficient designs, customized, as per the preferences demanded in the market.

Benefits Of Our BPHE Heat Exchangers:

  • These are high-quality solutions which made the heat transferring easier
  • Industrial BPHE Heat Exchanger ensure high turbulent flow, which reduces fouling and maintain the performance
  • Highly conductive heat transfer surface stacked to ensure efficient use of materials
  • Besides, being smaller in size, light in weight, these are also known for design flexibility
  • Reduce Co2 emissions from production, and transportation
  • Require less working fluid to operate

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