Immersion Heat Exchanger

Immersion Heat Exchanger

Immersion Heat Exchanger is used for cooling and heating different liquids, and hence, made by immersing a single or an assembly of multiple plates in a container with liquid. Process Engineers And Associates is one of the best Immersion Heat Exchanger Manufacturers in Delhi that has the capability to customize each unit according to specific industry needs. To maintain the quality of our products, we work according to strict industry norms and never compromise quality at any stage.

Benefits Of Choosing Our Immersion Heat Exchangers:

  • Best for cooling or heating different fluids as per the need of the process.
  • Dimensions and capabilities choice can vary and depends on your specific requirements.
  • Made with different grade stainless steel and laser-welded technique for ensuring reliable working even in corrosive environments.
  • Easy and quick to maintain without spending fortune and lots of time.
  • Widely used in the food processing industry, storage tanks and more.

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