Brazed Heat Sink

Brazed Heat Sink

Brazed Heat Sink is the one consists of a base, fins and braze material uses to join the parts together. It ensures stronger joints with less interface resistance between the base and fins. Process Engineers And Associates – one of the most recognized Brazed Heat Sink Manufacturers in Delhi has the best quality to offer that fit your needs and budget. Our experts are highly trained and have years of manufacturing excellence that they apply to design and produce standardized solutions, as per the requirements of the customers.

Top Advantages Of Our Brazed Heat Sinks:

  • Significantly increase the contact surface area between solid and fluid
  • Ensure better heat transferring amidst mediums
  • Maintains thermal stability in limits for electric of any circuits
  • Can be installed easily in all the areas
  • Industrial Brazed Heat Sink has low maintenance needs
  • Most reliable and recommended solution to use

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